Random Thoughts after Arranging tables & chairs

I know some people prefer theater seating, maybe it’s more neat and tidy, or maybe one doesn’t need to look at another human beings’ face *grin* (it’s disarming), maybe … But for me, I don’t mind the slight messiness (that’s just life!). Oh yes, I’m talking about our Living Room (worship premises) environment.

I like it when there’s a sense of “interaction” possibilities because we sit around tables, I like it … especially when slowly we begin to see how we truly find ourselves in community and get cured of unhealthy “individualism”. I know it can’t be forced, I just hope the physical arrangement we’re using right now will somehow nudge us a little more into that direction.

Alwyn put up some insightful thoughts as a new blogger. Here’s an excerpt from the post:
“I must confess I feel more personally ‘drawn’ towards bloggers than I am towards the wannabee theologian/social commentator. I go to the latter for exegesis, problem-solving or to obtain familiarity with particular issues. I go to the former to, well, “connect with real people”(?), their stories, their trivia, their tears, laughter, complaints, etc.

I also realise that the ‘point’ of blogging – unlike articles per se – is that there needn’t BE a point. Deduction, induction, abduction, argumentation, etc. don’t fit the blogger’s list of Top 500 things to do online.

The blogger just wants to connect. And you don’t ask why. “

Enjoyed the HELP CF forum today, even though we just somehow only managed to touch the surface. The whole discussion on how Christians relate to the media is one big elephant that can only be eaten one bite at a time!

Was reminded of my first experience of a Greek Orthodox Church when I was in Geneva with May Chin a couple of years ago after David Berry put up a picture on a Different Father’s House. As far as i can recall, there were no chairs for us to sit and we were standing throughout the service. Hmmm…

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