New Life Beyond …

I was moved by this “letter” from an update from Jon Harris today … yesterday I was reminded of the New Life here and now, today I’m reminded of the New Life that takes us beyond the here and now. And I’m struck by the mystery of how this New Life in Christ works in us and those aroung us.

Dear Friends,

Jane Katharine Rennie
26 March 1964 – 14 April 2004

At 10pm on Wednesday, Jane breathed her last. I was by her side. Just minutes before, a Christian nurse (who we both knew well) had come on duty. Monitoring Jane’s fading pulse, the nurse started to pray…. Thanking God for Jane’s life and the influence she has had and continues to have in many lives. It was beautifully timed, highly emotional, significantly spiritual and totally spontaneous.

Over the past 10 days or more I have heard of a number of unbelievers being moved to pray for Jane and myself. These people are ‘friends of friends’ people who we have never met. They have been so impacted by the power of the love and friendship which they have seen in the lives of their believing friends towards us, it has touched them in extraordinary ways.

The miracle I longed for I didn’t see. But there have countless other miracles along the way. God is good, gracious and faithful.

In Christ’s love,

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