How to Read the Bible book by book


I must admit, I had difficulty ploughing through How to Read the Bible for All its Worth
(though I think it’s also a good book). But this one is wonderful. Especially as we are reading chunks of 20-25 chapters of the Bible this year sharing in our LiFE Groups. I felt the Guided tour by Fee & Stuart is excellent and the special advice they give I’m sure will help many of my members too! For Malaysians, we have a special OMF edition which is more affordable! I saw it in Glad Sounds bookstore! Here’s an excerpt to wet the appetite!

” … despite the way many of God’s good people handle the Bible, it is, in fact, no mere collection of propositions to be believed and imperitives to be obeyed. Rather, the essential chracter of the Bible, the whole Bible, is narrative, a narrative in which both propositions and the imperatives are deeply embedded as an essential part.” (p. 21)

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