Just do it!

In his post Don’t do it…… Adrian Warnock says,

“It worries me that our blogging ‘communities’ and bible material online might make some more inclined to this way of life. I believe that a vibrant Christian life will usually not last several years outside of church. Thus, my prayer is for people to realise that frustration with how things are can be converted into vision for how things should be and a desire to join a group of people in aiming to acheive just that!”

I agree with him that those of us who still believe in the church as a people both sinners and saints at the same time, offering our feeble attempts to reflect his kingdom on earth need to just “keep on doing it!” (or at least begin converting what maybe ugly into something possibly beautiful)

What I mean by “doing it” is We (espcially those of us who are leaders and pastors together with others who “see it”) must work towards forming and constructing communities that not only embody how things should be, but also invite others to join us and “just do it!”. I think we are well “aware” that not all is well in our so called “Christian world”, but just being aware and not putting energies into working on an “Alternative” or at least joining one is even more painful.

Because the way forward is not “exiting” or just consider our Christian community life “expired”, but allowing and encouraging a “new-kind-of-refined” community life to “emerge”! At least, that’s the choice I made. And daily with God’s help, I make a choice to keep myself on track! It’s been a hard four years … I’ve faltered many times, but God has been faithful and patient.

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