LRT ride home …

Noticed a “Christian” during my trip back after worship rehearsal using the LRT. She kept on talking and talking about the Bible, about “trusting” the Lord, and rambling on and on. Two guys were standing with her. Have to listen (I think they are fellow workers going home.) Though the word sounded “spiritual” and seemingly right … there was a sense that there wasn’t stillness in her heart (I may be wrong). But, basically the whole atmosphere was “aggressiveness”, “trying to be positive”, “lots of statements”, the list goes on.

When people look at us Christian, wouldn’t it be nice if they would see not only healthy “initiative” but also a deep “inner security”. Not only the ability to articulate our thoughts but actually listen and allow wise words to flow naturally (in dialogue rather than monologue). And of course, having genuine hope towards the future without a forced “positiveness” but with one eye on reality while another eye on what is truly possible. And out of that we begin to share about the “good news” ….

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