Asian Church Leadership Conference

This conference (ACLC for short 4-7 June 2004) is actually organized and coordinated by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) (for a glimpse of the past click here)

It will start tomorrow morning with Bishop Gideon Chang sharing and Rev. Philip Lok leading the opening worship at 8:30am (wow .. early for me!). It’s pretty much consumed most of my energies this whole week since I’m part of the local host commitee (appointed by Bishop *grin*).

I don’t know how to explain it … but the task behind the scenes can be overwhelming with so many variables at work (e.g. handling people from diverse cultures, last minute changes and challenges,arranging the delegates to respective congregation visits, confirming the speakers for Sunday services, juggling other responsibilities that are newly assigned?! and loads of other stuff … add to the list!)

I’ve been requested to write from a Malaysian Lutheran perspective (LCMS to be specific) on the conference. 🙂 I’m not too sure whether I’m the right person. I know too much inside stories (*hahahaha*) Anway, I guess … this blog is my amateur musings. When I get the official piece out then I can look back and compare the difference (and the amount of editing that it had to go through).

Anyway, no matter what … it’s always an honour to be hosts to our guests from all over Asia and other parts of the world. I’m actually looking forward for this Sunday because somehow I could arrange hopefully one from Finland, one from Australia to come (because we have these two nationalities represented in BLC), the speaker should be from Jordon (that will be cool … imagine the words of institution for Communion in Arabaic), of course, possible some old friends from Indonesia and Hong Kong. We’ll see … sounds like I’m more excited about the multi-cultural flavour they’d bring to BLC worship than ACLC?! *smile*

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