ACLC ~ Completed

Well, I didn’t expect that the whole LWF Asian Church Leadership Conference (ACLC) would require and demand the amount of energy from my limited resources 🙂 But, I’m thankful I could somehow play a part in facilitating the event and learn what it means to serve.

Rev. Ginda Harahap said there’s three kind of leadership in his closing remarks today. He used three words to summ it up, “Serious“, “Relax” & “Completed” . I understand him to say we had all these elements and he stressed we completed what we set out to do in the conference ( I realized I missed one day or two on blogging about it … too tiredlah!).

For me, I’m looking forward to have some good sleep, spend some needed time with May Chin & Gareth, sleep again … re-orientate myself back to normal, and simply rest at least two full days (even though I owe someone a movie review).

And yet, deep down I know the work for Christians in Asia definately is not complete, in fact, we have merely begun. And the echo of one closing remark still rings in my head that often we (at least the Lutheran leaders) are trapped in resolving definitions and not moved to concrete strategies to act. Of course, we’ve been “burnt” by many concrete strategies which seems to work that’s almost devoid of solid thinking. Sometimes, I feel the awareness of all this is part the cross I carry in my own discipleship, and it drives me to come out of this either/or mentality. And in many ways it’s painful as well to see others often moving away towards their own extremes when in reality – solid thinking and concrete strategies are essential for real short term as well as long term impact in our side of the earth.

I’m glad the ACLC is completed but I’m well aware that the work is most definately not completed yet …. Lord, help us along the way!

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