The Medium is the Worldview

Rex Miller’s article The Medium is the Worldview Beyond Postmodernism has some important points for “reflection” & “action”. I’ll just pull out a few that hit me!


… The nature of print created a mindset that produced Modernism. The nature of broadcast created a mindset that produced Postmodernism. If we look at the nature of digital interactive media we see already how it is reshaping the minds of tomorrow.

… When our communication tools change, our perception’s change and impact our understanding of the world. This alters our psychology, shifts our interaction with others and leads to new institutions that better support these new relationships. At some point along this continuum a new worldview emerges.

… Old virtues of mass and strength are liabilities in a new world of complex volatile change. Flexibility and adaptation are the new assets.

… “When it becomes necessary to develop a new perception of things, a new internal model of reality, the problem is never how to get new ideas in, the problem is how to get old ideas out.” Dee Hock “Birth of the Chaordic Age” p 135.

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