Random Thoughts after Wan Tan Mee


I was intrigued and disturbed when two older men were going on and on about illegal prostitution in the Klang Valley in Cantonese. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop since we were sitting on the same table. Reminded me how often I get a different side of Malaysia while having breakfasts at the nearby market food stalls or coffee shops. This “side” is often the realities on our context that really hurts humanity.

“2.45am” will be a time many in Malaysia will be united as a nation as well with others in the Globe for a “religious” ritual inspired by a smaller round object – this time the place of pilgrimage is Portugal – Euro 2004. Many will adjust their lives to accomodate watching various teams and stars run from one side of the field to another while trying to get a ball behind a net. Ok … I might adjust a couple of nights too (I’m guilty as well) … but then it’s still food for thought, right?


While walking back, I thought about the “conversations” sparked because of the price of petrol in Malaysia and how people responded to the initial email and the chain mail proposal. Two areas hit me: First is how a seemlingly small change (in this case petrol price) can have big impact on all areas of life. Second, is how economics have so deeply infiltrated our being as humans , and we find it easier to engage in conversation over this than spirituality which needs equal amount of attention if not more.

This morning the final of the three responded to the Gmail invitation. This grassroot way of inviting people has been very instrumental in my own “evangelism” re-construction. 🙂

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