Recalling Our Own Stories


I “accidently” saw this book in MPH 1Utama and “intentionally” got it and am reading it side by side with Calling & Courage. As usual good books are hidden somewhere in those bookshelfs that just need to be “discovered”!

I like these insights on spiritual renewal and much much more:

Spiritual Renewal is finding a fresh, novel, and creative way of allowing the call to reorient our present lives so as to bring replenishment and hope. Spiritual renewal is a process of connecting our original motivation for ministry, and then moving systematically into examining areas of our lives in light of that call. (p. 4)

A basic assumption in spiritual renewal is that the call is ongoing. consequently, the project of existence — the dominant story of our lives — is being renewed by God each day. Connecting with this trancendent activity brings renewal into our lives.(p. 5)

Perfection refers to flawless performance. Realism refers to performance that is permeated with a grace-filled acceptance of our limitations and flaws (and our strengths). (p. 8)

… those of us who deny our vulnerability and woundedness and who, consequently, walk around as wounded people seeking to hellp others. Instead of achieving good enough emphathy, we become dangerous to ourselves and to those we seek to care for. (p. 9)

… The biblical and theological roots of the call go back to the prophetic tradition of Israel, yet they influence our understanding of the call today. This prophetic image of the call is not rooted in perfection. It is based on God’s transformation of the ordinary person into a servant of God. Thus, the origin of ministry is in God — not in the caregiver. (p. 11)

…Our task is to reedit, or reauthor, our own mythologies where they make it difficult to carry out our call. In reauthoring the myths of our lives, we assume that the call from God. God’s call is like an unfolding drama in which new meaning is disclosed daily, and as the called we are invited to participate in these new meanings and possibilities. (p.13)


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