Random Thoughts after “coming back”


In many ways especially after staying in Germany for almost three weeks now, Neuendettelsau has become our “home” and all of us were really looking forward to come back. But, deep down I feel it and I can sense it from most of the others, it’s time to go back to our “real home”. I’m counting the days and the hours.

The past three days has been so full of walking that my toes have gone sore. The mixture of the Luther sites tour, two visits to more “recent German history” sites plus all the informal walks have been good for the mind and heart but the body has got some “beating”!

During the whole trip I was thinking a lot about home and some issue that cropped up, but God indeed has been gracious and pulled me through. There’s a lot to catch up back home with May Chin and Gareth as well as friends, church and much much more.

It was already overwhelming with tons of information on Martin Luther and the reformation as well as the real life stories of the concentration camps of world war two and also the final input on the wall that divided east and west Germany. And then when I begin to think about the work that’s due when I return I feel a mixture of joy and some “overwhelming” feeling too …. it’s a real paradox.

I’ve taken more than 2000 photos so far and will be sorting them out in due time. And hopefully manage to post them on the photo gallery in this site. And there’s also so much “raw” material for deeper “reflection” that requires a kind of slowing down so I could process all these insightful information given.

I was very encouraged when I got a little news about BLC’s Orphanage visit by reading Daniel’s blog here . I really wanted to be part of the trip but somehow couldn’t make it. But, I believe I managed to be part of it through prayer as I timed myself to intercede for this important small step for us.


Today is the last Sunday I’ll spend here for my mini-sabbathical here and it was kind of a climax as well given a chance to worship at the church where J.S. Bach was the church musician and where his grave is located. For me, I felt it was special because music and the arts has always been very much part of my Christian life and ministry.


Yesterday we had a kind of climax for the Luther sites with the visit to Wittenburg where the spark of reformation got started. It was quite sobering to take pictures at the grave of Martin Luther and also his good friend Philip Melancthon . An interesting comment by the guide (who is a Finnish Luther Scholar) is how both of them were great friends as well as co-partners during the reformation even though they were vastly different espcially in terms of personalities and temperament. When the focus is on God’s agenda I believe we can move beyond the difference we have in the way we are wired and put out energies in what’s beyond us! I REALLY pray for that to happen in the ministry I’m involved in.

Well it’s a late night … I thought I’d try to put some random thoughts up before I sleep. Prost! (cheers! … in German)

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