I must say I have a “soft spot” for baby’s toes … they are just adorable! These toes belong to Gracelynn our new God-daughter! for us it’s a great honour to be asked to be someone’s God-parenst. And for May Chin and me yesterday was our initiation to be Gracelynn’s godparents as she’s welcomed to God’s family through baptism. We already have two God-sons, so it’s really awesome to take on one more … but she’s the first God-daughter.

As you can see she has these inquisitive eyes … and I was so excited when I carried her for the first time after the baptism yesterday 🙂 Indeed, I pray that in days to come she’ll become more and more conscious of God’s promise of unconditional love towards her in Christ, and we the parents, Godparents and the church community will all together with God’s help serve to help her along the way. And I’m sure we’re actually looking at ourselves when we look into her eyes and are reconnected to God’s promise for us as well.

I love the next picture because she looks like little eskimo (in Malaysia?!) or maybe a young explorer all ready for her little adventures and future expeditions in the vast terrains of human life! May we not lose that child-like desire to explore and discover new things in life …


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