Random Thoughts while under “medication”

Don’t worry … it’s just a combo-mix of flu, fever, cough and whatever that comes with it. Hope to spring back into good health the next two days!

I was really encouraged to read from two visitors to our church worship gathering how the time spent together on Sunday was indeed a blessed one! And of course, the whole “blogger” gathering was indeed a bonus … and really opens up ones thoughts on how “relationships” can be initiated and glued together …

I remember My Tightropewho actually led the worship when I preached in his church maybe last year – he left a deep impression because as I recall he used a scene from a soldier movie We were soldies to engage us in worship, anyway his thoughts here on Sunday & Jetplane… has some insights of bloggers meeting face to face! Then Alwyn tags some thoughts here in his post Meaningful Sunday (maybe someone needs to help him with the comment spamming problem .. DB has already coined him “casino man!)

Journey Woman suprised me with A Dancing Finn? which shows you what my part time assistant is up to when she’s not helping out in the Thinking room. James has been a bit more active in his blogging at Confessions of a Mockstar , I wonder what inspired him? Skyhover has also been back a bit with a balance of technological inputs as well as touching personal reflections . Of course, I was always delighted to read the comments that went around the BLC bloggers as well as friends. It does bring the “genuine relationships” beyond a single day which is good …

Interestingly, nowadays … since May Chin (my wife!) has been reading the blogs we have had extra topics to talk about … thus enhancing marriage communication. 🙂 I’ve been trying to invite her to blog as well … and even set up one that’s in a ready-set-go mode. And I know there are many who might actually want to read her thoughts. So, far … we’ll just have to wait 🙂

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