Random Thoughts while “Thanking God it’s Monday”


I love this picture with Janell’s calm and sweet smile together with Gareth’s heart-felt-very-happy laugh! Don’t worry I’m not into arranged marriages (which is not necessarily a bad idea) and trying to matchmake my son at this tender age. I love it when kids are just having loads of fun!

And I’m having loads of fun reading A (Somewhat) New Kind of Christianity as I found this “generative friendship” due to our interest to getting our “Emergent” conversations started generating some good vibrations so far and some curious questions as well.

Jason Clark has posted a wonderful Where is Emergent going???? which I will be chewing on for this week. A quick glance already surfaced some key connecting points for our continual conversation.

I’ve tried to make some effort and some sense in my participation in a group blog here with Starting with the Foreword Pt.1 and was delighted when a post came up entitled Thoughts about Sivin’s thoughts… (hope to continue the conversation with some comments and another post later in the week)

I found DJ Chuang’s comment on drawing the line on personal disclosure in surgery called off making me think about my own blogging approach. I must say I resonate with much that’s said in How blogging changed my life

In closing, Thanks DB for a great New Kid on the Block post which kind of captures some of the excitement happening in the church the past few weeks (great pictures!)! This is the post that got me “Thanking God!” even though it’s Monday … cheers!

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