Random Thoughts while Spidey dances


Thanks Knowtown for the spidey dance 🙂 made my Friday evening a little more fun.

Since I’m somehow going to talk about “Change” this Sunday using “Who moved my cheese?” as the title … it was a delight to actually stumble the official link below:


Personally, nothing beats reading the book in your hand … the whole book! But, I do realize it took me a long time before I reached this “state” 🙂 Maybe for many summaries will get their taste buds warmed up … and then during the traffic jam here in KL, we do have time for reading because no one is moving! (DB how about that huh?) .. There’s loads of stuff here:


I’ve been really thinking here and there about what was said here in The Seal of the Blog, Tony Price’s words here really got me thinking about my own blogging, he says …

“… as a general rule, I try not to write anything that I would not wish to be read by
1 my mother
2 my boss (the Bishop)
3 my wife
4 the weakest brother or sister in the congregation, who could be scandalised by something I write.”

(Thanks Maggi for the link and also the thoughts on Wedding Day)

Maggi’s wisdom on Weddings will be useful for the two couples who are getting married in October and December. Here’s what she says:

“…weddings are not just about couples, but about communities. Western society would have us believe that marriage is a private matter between two people. But it’s more than that – it has a ripple effect on the whole of the community that surrounds it – from the children and extended family that make up the household right to the furthest link in the community. THe love of the couple can generate love outwards. Or it can exclude and diminish.

The second thing is that being in love is normal for the CHristian gospel, not a temporary state. Often in church I’ve heard people say that true love – God’s love – is nothing to do with the passing euphoria of being ‘in love’. There’s some truth in that, of course, but it seems a shame to me to imply that God’s love is worthy, boring and based in a commitment that endures despite a consistent lack of joy and enthusiasm.”

ok … now, let’s go dancing with Spidey … I’m really looking forward for BLC’s mooncake party tomorrow Saturday night at 7pm!

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