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Nowadays, it’s not surprising to first read the blog before the book, and I was first introduced to Conrad Gempf by Jason Clark. When I saw Conrad’s book at SUFES bookstore I couldn’t resist the temptatation to get a copy. I thought about it before – i.e. how Jesus always had interesting questions and the way he used them. And now there’s a really fun-serious-witty-wise book that invites us to enter this “questioning” environment in the Gospels. Here’s a free sample chapter! Plus I think the cover is fantastic 🙂


Jesus was a bit different from other religious teachers. Moses wanted to tell you the Law of God. Prophets were always telling you what the Lord was saying. But apparently, if you met Jesus on the street, he was more likely to ask you something than to tell you something. Even when other people asked him a question, he often replied with one of his own. ~ p. 19

I asked a few questions to a group of “thinkers” and was delighted with the response…. made me think of more questions!

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