Random Thoughts after DA Carson reminder


I’ll keep it short … ok I’ll try.

On Monday, the traffic to the DA Carson first Bible Exposition on Revelation entitled how to beat the dragon” was horrible. But the place was packed with people. The Klang Valley Bible Conference in their own words, “exists to encourage Godliness through expository Bible teaching” had a good start indeed. There was IMHO more than 800 people at one glance. Obviously there’s a hunger (or a “market”) for Bible teaching 🙂

As far as exegesis and exposition is concerned, I found it helpful and took one and a half mind map worth of notes. There were a vast range of age groups with quite a substantial from the youth/young adult range (surprisingly). I asked one youth after the talk how did she find it, she admitted finding difficulty following the exposition (for me it was ok, but then I realized for many they may not have the background to absord the amount of info in Prof. Carson’s talk – even though he was a excellent communicator)

I thought maybe Dr. Carson might throw in a few remarks on Emergent/Emerging Church … but nothing was mentioned. As far as a Bible expostion is concerned (which is supposedly his expertise and full-time preoccupation), I found his talk much better than the half-baked end-time alarmist sermons we get so often here in this part of the world. And honestly, I was rather touched to see the “hunger” for Biblical teaching while having a good look at the captive audience.

That’s why I have mixed feelings …. towards someone like him. On one hand when they stick to exegesis and Bible exposition, it’s very helpful and needed for us here especially… but when I hear his talk on the Emerging Church online he stumbles more than once in providing a fair “exegesis” of the so called “emerging church movement”. So, on one hand I left Monday night appreciating the Bible exposition on Revelation (well done), and yet on the other hand, I’m puzzled how the treatment on the Emerging church can be so … less than “excellent” (content-wise) 🙂

It’s after reading Maggi’s post “Don Carson and the Emerging Church”,that reminded me to key in my random thoughts above (i forgot quite a bit that was bubbling on Monday night). I recall Carson taking a swipe at “signs and wonders” before too and recently “open theism” gets quite some knocks … here in a ministry founded by him Christway Media where you can hear some talks by him. I was suprised he’s also gone into songwriting …

So while I think I did learn much on Monday night … and I’ve a sense of respect for his Bible teaching and efforts to serve the church. I think it’s ok just to have a healthy “skepticism” to discern that his exegesis of “culture” today or applications on issues arising from “the emerging church” discussions would need a friendlier nuanced position … that’s my 2 Malaysian cents (which after conversion isn’t that much in sterling pounds, Euro, or US dollars – but that’s ok!).

so, I couldn’t keep it short … 😛 not too sure whether I made sense as well … just trying to join the conversation …

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