Islam Hadhari

This will be occupying my mind for a while … so what are Christians in Malaysia busy thinking about? What’s occupying the matter between our ears?

The concept, which also calls for moderation and a balanced outlook in life, was first promoted in January but this was the first time the defining principles had been formulated in tenet-form.

Abdullah, who has said that Islam Hadhari, if approached honestly and sincerely, can be a guide through the rigours of time for Muslims to be progressive, has 10 principles:

* Faith and piety in Allah
* A just and trustworthy Government
* A free and independent people
* Mastery of knowledge
* Balanced and comprehensive economic development
* A good quality of life
* Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
* Cultural and moral integrity
* Safeguarding the environment
* Strong defences.”

~ From New Straight Times

– for the full speech by YAB DATO’ SERI ABDULLAH HAJI AHMAD BADAWI, UMNO PRESIDENT (and also our Prime Minister) click here

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