A Pagitt Parable

somehow this parable did more to me than make me laugh … Thanks to Doug Pagitt


A man came home and said to his wife, “Honey, I have terrible news. I am dead”.
“You are not.” said his wife.
“Yes I am”, the man shot back.
“Go and see your doctor, see what she says”, replied his wife.
“Good idea, then you will see for sure”, said the man.

So, the man went to his doctor.

The doctor said, “How may I help you”.
The man said, “Well, you see, I am dead and my wife does not believe me. I thought your word would prove it to her.”
“I don’t think you are dead” said the doctor.
“Yes, I am!”

The doctor said, “Well let’s do some tests. Do dead men bleed?”
“Of course not” Replied the man.
“Then we could check and see if you bleed, then we would know”, offered the doctor.
“Deal.” Said the man, “Poke away”
The doctor poked his finger with a needle and blood came running out.
The man sat down, starred at his finger. He shook his head and began to sigh and weep.
“I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it”, the man said.
“Dead men do bleed”.


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