Travel Mercies


John See beat me in posting up something on the book lauch at MPH 1 Utama, he even throws in a short except!

Anyway, I was there too … and was deeply encouraged by the turnout and most of all delighted to catch as much as I could from Soo-Inn’s talk. Here’s a cute picture of him doing an imaginary flag raising motion while telling his first story from schooldays … which indirectly brought back some memories of my own.


I had to leave early to teach/facilitate some sessions on Evangelism. But even now I can still feel the “grace at work” (and not finished yet) when he was sharing and it somehow spills over to me. I suppose this is exactly what I needed at this time. Maybe there’s an extra blessing because it’s always a double bonus to not only read the book but also know the author personally in some way.

My thoughts are still hovering over some of the words that saturday, “complexity”, “pain”, “lessons”, “loneliness”, “protected”, and of course “grace”, there’s much more. I suppose that’s why the ministry of Grace@Work has this central value permeating every aspect from the e-commentaries, the seminars to the books, it’s very much what’s being experienced and embodied in Soo Inn’s life and ministry.


It was good to see a substantial turnout in support of the book launch and Soo-Inn personally. I guess, in some way, through his sharing we are all invited to taste the Travel mercies he talks about so honestly all this while.

Thanks Soo-Inn for giving me some space to have a better view of my own travels while listening to yours.

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