Random Thoughts after Port Dickson


I think this is the second time Gareth has come to Port Dickson (about 1 half hours drive south from where we stay). The last time, he wasn’t too excited about the beach and sand. This time he seemed pretty excited and I think he always looks kind of cute with his hat!

It was a good break from the city. Port Dickson (PD) no longer is much of a tourist attraction compared to other places especially the Islands like Redang Island or Tioman Island. But, I have many fond memories which go way back to our family outings when I was a kid and also quite a number of church camps as a teenager too! It’s always more then just the place isn’t it? It’s more about the “magical moments” we have with family and friends. There are also special “grace moments” ofpersonal and spiritual renewal as well …

It wasn’t a total break though mentally at least … after two nights in PD, I was already on the way again yesterday morning to Seremban for a session with a Scripture Union (Malaysia) National School Christian Fellowship Leaders camp on the topic “Surviving as a Student”. Thankfully … I think both the audience and I “survived” the session 🙂 we had fun!

It’s also been a break from blogging for a while .. my longest break so far …

Managed to read Christianity Rediscovered by Vincent J. Donovan quite a bit. Not only did I find my mind stimulated and challenged, but my heart was deeply moved by the stories told. More thoughts on this after I finish the whole book.

I was also delighted to just spend time with family and friends .. I admit didn’t talk much (which is not that usual) but there’s a time for silence and just “being” there. As the year is coming to an end, I sense this will be quite a “special” phase and season for me personally and I need the time to just “allow” the Spirit to work (to put it more theologically!). Come Holy Spirit!

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