Random Thoughts before picking up wife


This young man searched the net for a puppy and he found one in the little fella he’s holding up here. He was so kind to let me know how this one is doing and I’m glad this puppy is in good hands. There are three more puppies left in need of new masters. They are growing fast.

It was good to meet up with an “old” Methodist friend from seminary today (more of a junior actually) and it’s just encouraging to hear of the positive response for the camp which I’ve been invited to be the speaker in. It’s always great to listen to the process and the passion that has led him and his team to this point. So, now it’s “hearing” from God what’s the message specifically to “encourage” more than 100 youth from the age range of 14-19.

I was encouraged again today … and grateful that my feeble meditations and words could be a source of encouragement to 2 people today. It was great for them to share their thoughts with me. So often, I wonder what happens in the minds of those who listen to my weekly messages.

I’m happy to finally finish Christianity Rediscovered yesterday. There’s a whole lot that needs to settle down for me to digest and reflect for my present context. Overall, reading a book that describes a totally different context strangely opens up a broader perspective for me this round. I’m looking forward to read the sequel.

I’m also re-reading Go Make “Learners” and revisiting some of the ideas and mainly Robert Brow’s attempt to re-look at “church” using “model” theology , this round working through the study questions really surfaced fresh and deeper insights even for my own pilgrimage.

One thing was good when I spend some time to look at the major learning steps I had in matters of faith, discipleship and ministry this morning. Having a “pause” helped make some space to listen and maybe even try to look into the future.

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