Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998)


There’s something about one’s voice that communicates not only wisdom (which we can even read in books) but a kind of passion that is harder for a reader to get from the written format. So, when I got hold of the two tapes from Holy Trinity Brompton where Bishop Newbigin gave two lectures on “Bible Overview” in 1997, I immediately paid attention to his insights as I drove to pick up May Chin.

I was captured not only by his wisdom and simplicity in presentation but also the strength of his voice and the clarity of his thought (especially at his age! I’m deeply challenged here!) . And surely, the passion the surrounds each word and movement of paragraphs engaged even as I was stuck in the routine KL traffic jam.

There’s a whole lot of documents worth checking out a wonderful online collection that goes way back to 1937 at Newbigin.Net

The TransMission, Special Edition is worth downloading.

I got three of the results for my entrance exam for the Mtheol programme 🙂 and at this point the only “A” I got is Missiology. I think reading Newbigin and the inspiration from him has something to do with that! *grin*


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