Advent & The Christian Calendar

Thanks to Christian Scharen for the link to what Advent is all about.

The past four years since I serving in Bangsar Lutheran Church and embarking on this what I call a “John 20:21 journey”. The Christian Calendar (or church year) has helped me “redeem” time and invite me to me “in Christ” even in time as I prepare during Advent, celebrate Christmas, start the year with Epiphany, move into introspection during Lent, walk to the cross with Christ during Holy week, and get surprised on Easter and then experience the resurrected Christ during Pentecost while being empowered by the Spirit! As the year ends, I’m already checking out the dates for 2005 the secular calendar (or to be more precise the Gregorian Calendar). We just celebrated Deepavali and Hari Raya that reminds me of the Hindu/Indian Calendar and Muslim calendar. Soon, the Chinese New Year celebration will plunge me into a new Chinese Lunar Year. All these different ways of “seeing” time keeps my feet on the ground in the world I live in. The Christian Calendar keeps me walking with Christ in this world.

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