Random Thoughts while finishing my coffee


I’ll be missing Gareth, May Chin and baby-on-the-way starting from tomorrow. It’s going to be three days and three nights with more than 100 Methodist youth in their youth leadership development programme camp.

Glad to have the mockstar James Tan post-mblog blues overcome back posting with fresh vigor!!

Had some fun last saturday fellowshipping with cranium. I was quite impressed with May Chin humming U2’s “With or without you”!

It was nice to be a speaker at another church yesterday and a listener back at BLC at the same time. Quite an experience since most of the time I’m speaking at BLC on sundays.

Need to update my blog rolls after the camp … and I decided to delete the forum since nothing is happening right now. I think I’ll start deleting other stuff in my life 🙂

The coffee is finished.

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