Zayd’s Dad


I remember meeting another blogger face to face for the first time after merely emailing each other. It was quite a strange experience. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was a little afraid.

But, this time I found it pretty easy actually … especially after doing this for (I think) the fifth time (or maybe sixth time! *smile*). Joel and I have emailed each other and read each others blogs. His site Zayd’s Dad captures his adventures very well. I was further impressed and encouraged by what he’s doing in and through ServLife International

It was indeed a delight to spend some time with Joel, Elise and Zayd. And he shares here in his post kuala lumpur glimpse of their visit with us.

Both Joel and I were born in the same year, both of us have two year old sons … we have some common passions and concerns and yet we were also born miles apart, in different cultures and have our own unique stories. But as the photo above implies with the cross behind us, Christ is the one who unites us. And I think that’s what’s really precious about all of us who identify ourselves as Christ-followers 🙂


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