My Faith So Far


The last time I finished reading a book in less than three days was by A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren (I think I took longer for the sequel The Story We Find Ourselves In), It’s amazing how I related to much of the “fiction” in the books with my own faith journey.

I never heard of Patton Dodd before reaching for this book. He’s even got a blog with title My Blog So Far.

Patton does a wonderful job taking me through his world of charismatic Christianity and I could relate to even the example of the songs he mentioned and more than one “eye brow raising” ministry times he describes (This Fresh! Joy! episode is really hit home for me.) Even though many of his experiences are more rooted in American soil and a kind of “charismatic/pentecostal” subculture which is not that institutional in Malaysia compared to the USA (but very much present in “mutated” forms” or “whole sale copy cat” forms). But, it was strange how so many flashbacks of my own story occured while reading his story. The beauty is how he crafts the inner thoughts he had during his estatic as well as confusing moments which were in different words what I was thinking in those days. I just found honesty so comforting and liberating. Thus, I absolutely agree with what is said here in the back cover:

“Honesty is a rare commodity. Sometimes it’s rarest in the world of religion. Like the blues in music, there’s something oddly uplifting about it. Patton Dodd offers an honest and engaging reflection of his experience in the world of charismatic Christianity poignant, even painful, yet somehow uplifting. Whatever your religious background, you’ll learn here, and perhaps be nudged toward greater honesty in your own spiritual search.” – Brian McLaren, pastor, author (MPH 1 Utama

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