Tsunami Shock!


We felt nothing because we were deeper in the middle of Peninsula Malaysia. We had no TV. We were not internet accessible. It was supposed to be a post-Christmas break. Which we got our much needed rest.

The morning had SMSs coming in. A call for prayer initiated by one of our new BLC members.

We managed to get a copy of todays paper which was in Chinese at the nearby village town. The reports and photos were clear enough with what’s going on. In Malaysiat the most we’re troubled with are lanslides and floods, but this is much bigger than what we’re used to.

We confirmed later that some BLC members would be going to for prayer and from my point of view also a time of “solidarity” with what’s going on not just in Malaysia but more so in our neighboring countries.

More details here (which I got immediatelty once I could get online):
– Messy Christian gives us an update here
21,000 deaths …
– DB shares how generally we are all okay and offers a prayer.
– Daniel also mentions about the Tsunami and dedicates a prayer to the victims.
– A new friend Bob gives useful information here in Tremors & Tsunamis and Continuing Reverbrations
– BBC News Asia battles earthquake aftermath has more details

About 10 of us sat at the Grace Wing of the Living Room in the Father’s House. two toddlers and an older kid joined us in some way. It’s hard to pray. Not too sure how we could even sing. But, The Spirit took over. There were times of silence. Praying the Psalms. Lamenting. Weeping. Mourning. Most of our own friends or family are safe. But then, we know many others have been affected. what can we say? nothing. We just humbled ourselves and prayed. How would it make a difference? We don’t know exactly … apart from we want to get in touch with God and what really matters. That somehow, Light can shine in this darkness. This guides our hope and feeble human language as we pray.

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