Where is God?

During our prayer meeting last night, a lot of “Why?” questions came up (even during the prayer time), there was also “how could this have happened?” kind of feeling through out. Then there’s a “What on earth can we do?” and of course “Where is God in all this?”.

Thanks Jason for sharing with us in his post “Where is God?”

“People then asked, God why? and came up with many answers, judgement being a favourite one.
And as I think over what I would have prayed if 50% of people I knew in a christian country with a christian king, died, and as I watched 20,000 people swept away do death on the news in Asia, my prayer was ‘Why?’

I have no answers, but increasingly find my self praying through a process when these kinds of things break to my consious mind?

1. Why God can I have faith when all is well with me, and my family and friends, but when these things have always gone on and always will, as long as I remain distanced from them?
2. Why God, do I find it harder when it happens closer to home, to someone I know about?
3. Why God is my faith harder when it happens to a friend of family member?
4. And why God do I doubt you most of all when it happens to me?

Why can my faith be strong, as long as I am unaware of the death, suffering and pain of history and the now of this world as long as I am ok. But why does my faith rock when it get’s closer to me? Why should there be any difference between me and a christian in Asia swept out to sea?”

And together with him , I too pray this prayer in someway ..

“God when I see this I see how I live my life with faith built upon making me safe and well, and forgetting that everyday I have is a gift, and evey day could be my last, and everyday is not a right but a gift from you. Jesus you pray on our behlalf interceding, please pray for us, bring our ‘whys?’ before our Father, so we might experience your resurrection life in the aftermath of these experiences.”

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