After Tsunami Aid Day …


When I put on this light blue ribbon today at the beginning of our effort the Tsunami Aid Day, it helped me in a symbolic way to “try to identify” with the victims who lost their lives, and many who are struggling to stay alive.

All those participating in today’s event tried to do our “little bit” trusting it will make “a difference” for those in desperate need. For me, I pray that we would also recognize our own frailty.

There’s a lot that can be said, I have quite a lot of pictures, and will need not only time to reflect on them but also “post them up”. For now, I’m just glad the drizzling rain didn’t dampen our spirit, someone who prayed with me at the Prayer Corner actually likened the rain more with “refreshing us” 🙂

The total amount collected is pretty good, more than I expected and projected actually (I’ll keep the suspense and report this after we have announced it tomorrow at BLC’s Worship Gathering!). Oh! Man of little faith that I am …

I took this “God is Love” picture from one of the big “We’re Thinking of You” Cards. My prayer is that after all is said and done this message will shine brighter …. in our personal lives and beyond.


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