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Reflections. Looking back. Gazing forward.

So many things happened towards the end of last year and so far since the turn of the new year. It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been asked quite a few times by different people why I haven’t blogged and due to that, and also something else that will be happening soon, I’ve decided to spur myself back into action. Do I have reasons for not blogging? I guess you could say I’ve been tired. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was great and I could have easily blogged but after what rocked and shocked the world on Boxing Day, it’s easy to understand why me blogging about Christmas, although special and meaningful as I celebrated the birth of our Heavenly Father with many special people; had to take a backseat for a bit.


Speaking of being spurred into action, God called again. He said, in light of the Tsunami tragedy, something had to be done. My last proper blog entry was dated a week before Christmas eve and it was about extending a hand to others, to help, to love. God had called then. He called again no later than a week and a half later.


As ‘advertised’ here on my blog and known also to whoever I knew within my circle of family, relatives, friends and acquaintances, me and Jo initiated the Tsunami Aid Day (TAD) in collaboration between our churches – Bangsar Lutheran Church (BLC) and Grace Methodist Church (GMC) Sentul – and also with World Vision Malaysia. Coming together just meant so much and through this entire experience, from the time this initiative was conjured up in thought first, followed by a call to action (I truly believe from God); it was such an experience. The picture of the umbrella says it all. We’re all extensions, extensions of God, reaching out and touching lives, helping lives. We may not be of the same color, race, culture or nationality but we extend and connect with others. The tragedy that struck many, killed many, orphaned many, hurt many – also affected lives all across the globe and prompted thousands into action to go in aid of these people.


Tsunami Aid Day, 8th January 2005 – couldn’t have happened without the coming together of so many people. Props to everyone involved *bow of respect*. EVERY ONE. Kudos and special thanks to 4 main people – Jo, her mum Rose, Pastor Sivin Kit and Pastor Chew Mae – without them, this wouldn’t have materialized. DBKL and the Police also came through for us, sponsoring our tents, chairs and tables. So many BLCians and GMCians turned up, to help in every way thinkable – stalls, sales, music, clean-ups, set-ups, security, logistics, registration etc. etc.


It rained throughout the event, from 10am to 3pm. Not before, not after but THROUGHOUT the event. However, it was so encouraging and heartwarming to see that the rain didn’t once deter or dampen the spirits of anyone. Everyone – the toddlers, the kids, the youth, the young adults, the 20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40 somethings, oldies – NO ONE was deterred. People came, although not as many as would have had it not been for the weather and participated. It was fulfilling. God had called and so many answered. It wasn’t just about being a Christian. It was open for all. Us Christians who organized this were just God’s servants, catalysts I believe to make something happen. It was even more encouraging to see one of the stalls set up by 2 Malay ladies, who are Muslims, selling Nasi Lemak at our event. Goes to show that there are no boundaries when it comes to achieving togetherness and unity in a cause to help others. The event was about the people who were directly affected by the Tsunami. The 5 hours well spent were merely just 5 hours spent of our Saturday morning and afternoon – to have a hands-on approach to doing something in aid of these people as opposed to just having an impersonal approach to viewing this entire debacle, watching it on the television and just feeling a brief sense of sympathy. It’s easy to answer a call for aid by whipping out a chequebook and writing a cheque with numbers on it, assuming that that charitable cause in monetary terms alone is enough to help. This event wasn’t about that. There was a strong emphasis on not glorifying our own actions. We were careful to not get carried away by the carnival-styled event, as it was NOT a carnival. There were prayer corners, prayer booths and prayer cards to be signed. Many took time off to pray, to contemplate, reflect and really pray. Jo felt that the rain served as a reminder to us from God that things just won’t come easy for us anymore. Someone else also felt that the rain throughout just set the right mood and tone for the event in light of what had happened. It almost seemed appropriate that it rained. It gave the event a very apt setting. We didn’t take a thing for granted.


Our target to raise via the event was a modest RM5000. To our pleasant surprise, we more than tripled that! Wow. All Praise and Glory be to God! Praise God, truly. He made all this happen.


“All those participating in today’s event tried to do our “little bit” trusting it will make “a difference” for those in desperate need. For me, I pray that we would also recognize our own frailty.” (Rev. Sivin Kit, 2005)

I’m just thankful as is everyone else, that we have been blessed by God so that we can in turn be a blessing to others. And as the Father has sent Him, He has sent us…


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