Random Links 2

Brian’s Annotation to “The Emergent Mystique” – CT article
I’m still trying to find some time to do my own version by picking out some lines to dialogue with.

Reinventing the Church: An Interview With Brian McLaren (via Fred Peatross)
I was first introduced to this fellow traveller through the book “Reinventing the Church”. In fact, a friend bought it especially from the USA and sent it to me. Nice to read some of Brian’s older stuff.

My Pilgrimage in Theology
Two words I’ve grown to love .. Pilgrimage and Theology … of course, the behind the scenes autobiograhical bit of NT Wright is also attractive.

The Other Journal: An Intersection of Theology and Culture (via emergent-us blog)
A very interesting looking online journal, the content looks juicy too.

Planet Emergent
Emergent related blog reading on steriods 🙂

ldiot (Jonny)’s guide to starting a blog (via Maggi Dawn)
I’m glad my young philosopher friend is blogging. I miss two other friends blogs who vanished into thin air. I hope my private school teacher friend and Banker friend will get started again. They do have precious thoughts .. I know the world might want to hear them … at least I do.

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