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Dialogue with Brian McLaren
My wife tells me that sometimes people misunderstand me when I try to explain something. Or at least they catch part of it or miss another part. I don’t deny that to be true. I realized that the way I think is very “weblike”, “lateral”, and I use “Mind maps” (so you can imagine *grin*). Anyway, usually my reply to her is I work best when people ask me questions and have follow up ones to clarify. I need to work on my patience bit and learn to slow down. Hopefully that will come with age as well as my daily practice with Gareth to walk slowly. Anyway, I enjoy reading these mini-dialogues between Brian and those who pose questions. Through his answers, it does clarify a little 🙂 what he’s trying to convey. The questions actually help us locate where we are at too. Enjoy!

Tsunamis, tragedy, and God: Where is our Father when his children hurt? (via Joe Vestal)
Just in time for tomorrow’s interactive session with a bunce of future lawyers! I noticed less press coverage in the Malaysian papers on post-tsunami conditions. Hmm…

How Honorable! How Shameful! A Cultural Analysis of Matthew’s Makarisms and Reproaches
I know I’m supposed to do a shorter message this Sunday. It’s tempting to do a “discount” when it comes to preparation. But that’s not my style so this weighty paper is going to be fun …

Change, Conflict, and Missional Leadership
I see myself as one who enjoys the role as a Catalyst – agent of change. But Conflicts really drain a lot of emotional energy and enduring them is a pain. The quality of writing in Odyssey (Thanks to Chris & Alan wonderful partnership) is just phew! simply Fantastic … Lord, can I have more than 24 hours a day and extra energy for this.

Actually Listening to William Stringfellow as I Type This
aPoReTiC mentioned Stringfellow to me and I found this one and only book in one of the book shops. I love reading but listening does make a difference. It’s the tone, the rhythm, the passion of voice. Paul Fromont also has been writing very quality stuff. I looking forward to him posting the final installment for the Hermeneutic of the Gospel and then read all the posts in one sitting.

I wonder whether people have the impression that I’m more theory than practice because I mention much reading and reflecting in this blog 🙂 Deep down actually I’m a practioner.

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