Random thoughts on CNY eve 2005

CNY = Chinese New Year, the rooster will crow tomorrow. Bye bye .. monkey!

I read David Chong’s post on “Divisive Labels?” and decided to leave an extended comment. It would have been longer but “reality” – i.e. Gareth was fussing for a nap.

It’s “energizing” to see On the Edge of Bangsar functioning as “space” for the current leadership team of BLC to learn together.

This cool statement really “hit” me a while ago, from it’s not the gospel, it’s us! (thanks Andy)

The gospel itself is offensive, but we should not be offensive. The fault should not lie with us.

I think my body is regulating itself so i can start munching recklessly during Chinese New Year. But it is ironic that the first day of Chinese New Year is Ash Wednesday, so this Chinese culture bit and our Christian heritage coincides is intriguing and seems to “open” myself for creative engagement 🙂

Had sometime to think about Chaos while reading a pretty good leadership book a while ago. Settled my heart a little as I pondered on some of the questions in between paragraphs.

This statement from Chris Choong’s post “Mulling over apologetic method” really made me chuckle:

” … a bunch of undergraduates trying to find meanings and truth…how pathethic! Get some lives, dear students~ DATE instead of DEBATE.. hahahaha …”

I recall a recent phone conversationwhere there was obvious “excitement” in the voice of my “thoughtful” friend as our dialogue fluctuated between the “emergence” of his faithre-development/reconstruction/renewal and the “surprise meeting” of a girl. Ah … as we soar the heights of philosophy, ethics and theology … when all is said and done, Humanity kicks it with a loud shout and brings us to the ground once again 🙂

Reading tributes like this one ” No. 17: A Window to the World” always tugs my heart. First, it makes me smile with appreciation to the one who’s made an impact as well as the one who acknowledges it. Second, it spins my mind off thinking about the people who have made a difference in my life. This exercise is crucial for humans to “be” humans in the best sense of the word.

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