Reunion Dinner

The dishes were simple but Mom is a fantastic cook it’s quality and simplicity at its best! I’m still full!

Of course, the dinner is more of family coming back together (at least once a year if possible). Kuala Lumpur is our “hometown” so we don’t need to drive out to another state. But, it’s still good to be together during this chinese new year eve (even though we meet up quite often). We’ve been through a lot together.

It’s nice to see Gareth enjoying the company with my Dad and my brother’s hairstyle really is into the year of the rooster! 🙂 Dad is an art director, John is an entertainer (e.g. clowning, ventriloquism & street magic), I’m a pastor (who’s some kind of artist I think *grin*). Let’s see how Gareth will turn out (no pressure!0

Now with more vocabulary Gareth is doing well to communicate with my mom. I think she must have enjoyed it when we sang John 3:16 in Mandarin together. It was a song she sang to me when I was a kid.

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