Random Thoughts Return

I’ve been posting a lot of random link (with some random thoughts with them) but less “Random Thoughts” post partly because there’s so much going on and I haven’t really slowed down enough to actually allow the “random thoughts” to even settle.

I enjoyed a chance to facilitate the PJ Parish Pastors Meeting today – only 7 of us turned up (I expected more maybe 12). Basically I took a “minimalist” approach – 2 songs (no song sheets sung from memory)- silence – 1 more song (a simple “hallelujah”), another pastor shared briefly and then I was hoping people could share using a set of questions I provided. I found how everyone shared to be very interesting. What is focused on? or what is said plus what is not said? Non-verbals? reactions? responses? questions? the tone of voice? etc.

We’ll be seeing the doctor tomorrow to see how baby no.2 is doing. May Chin seems ready to pop. We need to get ready … are we ever ready? 🙂

The last two weeks have been very full weeks and it really challenges my desire to learn what “Margin” means and how it can be practiced (more later on the book – excellent stuff)

I’m delighted to serve on a Board of Pastoral Accountability for a ministry. It’s an honour and privilege. I’m still wondering whether I’m still on another board (because there’s not much contact and connection for sometime). For me it’s not just having my name listed, it’s having a relationship with the people in the minstry and believing in them and God’s calling upon their life and ministry. I never imagined this would happen 5 years ago. Then a lot has happened since I “migrated” from my previous position as youth/young adult/worship pastor from my previous church.

Grace .. oh! God’s grace is enough for today. It’s been a pretty long day. But it’s good to have some random thoughts settle down. Hmmm … it’s slowing me down. That’s what I need …

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