Terima Kasih


many thanks to all who managed to pop by the hospital and say hello.

many thanks to all who SMSed us and/or gave us a phone call.

many thanks to all who posted comments on the previous Elysia Kit blog post and also some who actually posted congrats in their own blogs. Great to have old as well as new friends drop a note …


A Big “Terima Kasih” from all of us – thank you in Malay or more accurately translated literally – “receive our love”.


Of course, Gareth now is big bro … and he’s doing pretty well in his “learning curve” to welcome Elysia. That’s just the beginning … 🙂 a beginning of how we can learn as a family of four to grow in our humanity, ongoing spiritual formation and fulfilling our calling as individuals as well as a family. So, Gareth is not alone in his learning. None of us are.

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