Evangelical Missions Quarterly Treasures

I was just checking out for a Vinoth Ramachandra article which I found a pretty good one here, The honor of listening: indispensable for mission.

and then I went nuts browsing through and then printing a load of stuff to read in the near future form the Evangelical Missions Quarterly Archives, I’ll just pick out some that struck my attention (of course there are others too *grin*)

A love affair that must be cultivated three ways
how can genuine partnership between local churches, missionaries, and their mission agencies.work? I’m pretty excited to an invite to have lunch with George Verwer a coupld of weeks time 🙂

The missionary’s role in developing indigenous Christian Theology
My German friend might be interested in this. He’s been very encouraging!

Postmodernism, the Western Church and Missions
wow! This article was written in 1999 – 6 years ago!

Postmodernism: An evangelical blind spot?
Ah .. that pomo word again.

Postmodernism: Ripe for a Global Harvest—But is the Church Ready?
with a sentence like this, “Postmodernity may be one of the greatest blessings to the Western church, …” this is sure to be a fascinating read. 🙂

Post Missionary Asia: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, India reveals the challenges and the opportunities.
I haven’t been to India yet …

What Can Missionaries Learn From Postwar Shifts in Anthropology?
what a closing paragraph … phew …

“We do not go as owners of the truth. We go as those who live the only truth that belongs to all humanity—that God has made us and longs for us to live in harmony with him and with each other. We do not go as technical experts, but as incarnations of God’s love, living witnesses to the unity of the human family. We go, and live, and work not because we have something they do not have, but because it is the way of Christ to establish bonds of love across whatever divides there may be. Thus, our presence among those with whom we differ can become a living witness to the truth that transcends the divisions that anthropology sees so clearly and so hopelessly.”

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