Random Links 35

Systematic Theology: Volume 3 by Wolfhart Pannenberg (book review)
I was glancing through some parts of chapters on church which is indeed substantial while putting Gareth to sleep. I thought might as well read a review by Robert Jenson to get a broad feel …

Wolfhart Pannenberg: God the Spirit – and Natural Science
Some have called him an “eschatological realist” and a great interdisciplinary thinker , here’s a chance to hear and see Prof. Pannenberg in action.- i.e. speak on the subject of theology and science. Tell me whether you can follow the lecture 🙂 if you are multi-tasking …

Four questions that every religion must answer
Just caught my attention …

A Question of Church (1) & A Question of Church (2)
The subject of “church” is very much occupying my mind right now.

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