Random Thoughts before LiFE Group Meeting

I’m happy I managed to finish reading the book of Joshua today from chapters 13-24 using the Message. I had to plough through the bits about land allocation (without a map at hand), fell in and out of sleep throughout … but had a few moments “leap out”, such as
– the assylum-cities (chapter 20) … interesting that this was highlighted when people could have taken justice into their own hands.
– cities for Levites (chapter 21) …
– the investigation into “the altar” built by the Reubenites, Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh (Chapters 22-23) … so this is not a rival altar but a complementary one.
– and of course, Joshua’s final speech (chapters 23-24)… keeping our unqualified yes to God … I suppose the book is still more about Worship than wars.

There’s so much in my mind …. especially after the pastors retreat. of course, there are more than one unfinished “assigments” I hope to have some closure on .. just at a denominational level as a education committee member – the DVD project that I’m part of, the organization of some seminars, helping to gather stuff for a theological education & minister’s guidebook etc. Lord, Help!

Of course, local church matters also has much that needs to be completed before the next leadership meeting. I hope to have some time next week in solitude and prayer to allow floating “stuff” in my mind to settle.

There’s an interesting discussion going on about “2nd Generation” Christians at our Emergent Malaysia yahoogroup. I also hope we can progress a bit more as far as Emergent Malaysia is concerned.

Hope to take Gareth for a swim he’s been asking for it for a couple of weeks. Once his cough is better … we’ll jump into the pool! I’m realy looking forward for that.

Week two of our adjustments is on course starting Monday, I REALLY hope we can settle into some kind of rhythm. Change is always stressful but necessary.

Ok … 30 more minutes to the LiFE Group meeting … Lord, bless us to be a blessing. 🙂

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