Random Links 39

The Deposition of the Sign: Postmodernism and the Crisis of Religious Studies
I skimmed through and read a couple of chapters of Carl Raschke’s book and thought I’ll read this article first before returning to finish it.

I’ve first heard of the name Levinas on the tips of a fellow Chinese speaking pastor during the Pastor’s retreat. Then it came up in Raschke’s book … so I decided to read this one and will explore more later.

Kingdom Leadership in the Postmodern Era
This came up a second time … printing now to read later. Did I say another “later” word?

20 ways to serve your street
Something more practical and immediately doable … (via Graham Old)

Dare to be Free, Turn of the TV!
something more personal?! Even for those who don’t have time to watch TV, the activities suggested is still good.

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