Happy Family …

Perhaps it would have been better if we just had an evening to ourselves huh? Well … we decided to celebrate our anniversary with the kids. With one girl and one boy … when the two Chinese characters come together it becomes a new word – it becomes “Good”. And tonight we really had a “good time” – “good food” – “good fun”


May Chin as always is the AMAZING wife and SUPER MOM! Elysia just woke up here and sparkling with curiosity.


Gareth and I are showing off our teeth with gladness … apart from “growing conversations” we’re getting into these days with a few songs thrown in … We laugh a lot together.


The last five years indeed has been full of various flavours! Our personalities too are very different even though we find ourselves growing (hopefully) more mature in some way 🙂

For some fun … who do you think is more of the “Chilli Sauce” and who is more “Tomato Ketchup”? I mean … for May Chin and me …

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