Random Thoughts before my next phone call

I found a latest couple of email exchanges very helpful to clarify what I mean by “emergent” in my own thinking and our efforts here in our Malaysian context and possibly beyond in connection with others who find this word helpful.
Apparently many people are having fun with this quiz “What’s your theological worldview?”. Actually, I first saw it at the blog of Bald Man Blogging (I think I forgot to hat tip him – sorry mate!) so Stephen Shield might have mistakened that I created it … which I didn’t. Someone called “Sven” did … many thanks to Sven! It’s amazing how fast we can make amendments and check the sources on the internet …

I’m going to fetch Elysia from my mom’s place today .. I’m looking forward to that. May Chin has been doing all this while … I’m happy to take my turn!

Working on the questions for the retreat this week has been very rewarding. It’s trying to put myself in the position of the people coming for the retreat who may or may not have read the letter of Ephesians (I hope they do because it’s a FANTASTIC letter for where we are now as a church!).

I found myself playing a missionary role a lot the past week …. trying to “translate” or “contextualize” concepts for people who are either inquisitive, or come from quite a different theological persuasion … it takes quite a lot of energy, generosity, and discernment … and most of all a “concern for the other”. I don’t feel in anyway a fear towards compromise or insecure … on the contrary I found some joy in the process.

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