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I managed to update some new blogs I’m reading and in some cases connected with the people in person (which is even more meaningful!)

Sharps Abroad & Ben and Chara
It was great to have Holly & Ryan come together with Ben & Chara over from Phuket to KL for 4 days. We had loads of fun … lots of conversations … maybe a bit too much Durian for them … I found myself appreciating and understanding the role Emergent has played in their lives. I also learnt more about the current scene of American Evangelicalism. A special bonus as I interact with them as well as read their recent blog entries of their experience in Malaysia, I learn more about myself too…

Pastorpher’s thoughts
Chris Rao was my junior in seminary but he’s more senior then me in age 🙂 but what’s important is he genuinely seeks to learn and desires to fulfill his call to serve God and specifically the Youth ministry.

Jesus Creed
I just got Scott’s book … and hope to walk through it meditatively. I think scholars who blog are cool … and approachable. I found his posts very insightful.

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