Being Human


Thanks to Chin Hor for taking this interesting shot during our Batman Begins guys afternoon out! Ben Ong wrote some good insights on Vulnerability sparked by the movie.

Thanks to JR WOODWARD for bringing up this timely reminder from Oscar Romero to start the “second” day of the week:

“christ became a man of his people and of his time:

he lived as a jew,
he worked as a laborer of nazareth,
and since then he continues to become incarnate in everyone.

if many have distanced themselves from the church, it is precisely because the church has somewhat estranged herself from humanity.

but a church that can feel as its own all that is human

and wants to incarnate
the pain
the hope
the affliction of all who suffer
and feel joy

such a church will be christ loved and awaited,
christ present.
and that depends on us.”

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