Back to Normal?


In a way, Gareth is back to “more than normal”. We had a good time visiting the doctor this afternoon (even though it was still a long wait). What’s important is Gareth’s condition has improved and is improving … we’re so thankful for that. The Doctor says that perhaps after one month he might even be off the medication for asthma. “No junk food!” The doctor reminded me 🙂 (I think he meant it for my son!)

Gareth has suddenly matured the past 2 weeks. His vocab has increased more exponentially these days. It was great to explore speaking mandarin with him while on my way to my mum’s place to fetch Elysia. He managed, “Wo De Min Zhi Jiao ….” (My name is …) “Guo Kai Le” (Kit Kye Ler – his Chinese name!) and then see him interact with my mum with an English and Mandarin mix was very amusing. He ate a lot too … must be mum’s cooking and his appetite has improved. I even had to surrender a portion of my rice to him!


Elysia’s punk hair-style took a break on Sunday (I think it was because she wore a hat on Saturday. It’s coming back today anyway!). And she’s been doing so much better too today. I didn’t hear her cough as she was having a tough time the last week (and so did both of us with two kids fallen ill). Good to see her smile again and full of energy. I remember one of the days where she was just in a foul mood. Then again wouldn’t we if we were sick huh?

She’s also been grabbing stuff, trying to roll over, attempted “swimming” positions on the bed (at least that’s how Gareth describes it, “Ah-girl swimming!” he would say.) We always had good times in the car when I’m fetching her home. She’s also been bringing loads of joy to my mum and when I see her trying “connect” with her brother like grabbing him or just looking at him, it’s just what can I say? so good! According to mum, Elysia love sit when people talk to her and “complains” when we leave her alone. hmm..

In some ways, we’re back to a normal … and yet it’s more than normal when there’s these growth spurts here and there. Interestingly, both the kids have been inspirational to some “philosophical & theological investigations” of a guest to our home too and that sparked off some fascinating conversations. I never forget my mentor Robert Brow telling me how much nurturing kids will teach me about God. He’s wisdom is so spot on!

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