Thinking for Ourselves

I recall my seminary room mate once telling me he appreciates my reading habits but would even be excited about more original thoughts from me. I’m not sure how original I can be but I do agree just regurgitating other people’s thoughts without deeper reflection and understanding isn’t one path I’m drawn to. Some of us tend to be pretty hungry for reality then mere illusions or information. Perhaps that’s why S.K.’s following words caught my eye yesterday.

“… there is nothing so feeble as the conversation of learned literary men who have never thought for themselves but know thousand historical-literary facts.* “It is almost like a reading from a cookery book when one is hungry.” ~ Soren kierkegaard, July 13, 1837

The “*” was an interesting note worth reading:
“Like Leporello they keep a list, but the point is what they lack; while Don Juan seduces girls and enjoys himself — Leporello notes down the time, the place and a description of the girl.”

(please note: while I found S.K. really conveying the point here, I do not advocate seducing girls! And for those who are learning how to get a wife … don’t follow Leporello’s track either *grin*. This post is about thinking for yourself more than about girls, so let’s not get stuck in the analoges and examples shall we? I want to avoid being misunderstood here *smile*)

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