Random Links 57

Interview with Doug Pagitt on Preaching Reimagined
Looking forward to get the book! Interesting new phrases – “speaching” & “progressional dialogue”.

The Professor as Scholar (pdf) (via Bob Robinson)
What it’s not and what it is …

A Bridge Far Enough? How would Jesus address the issues of our day?
I like the “bridge” metaphor … and was intrigued by one yesterday morning.

The Bridges of God by Donald A. McGavran (pdf)
Someone asked me lately…is what people perceive as “church growth” how McGraven really meant? (still on the “bridge” metaphor)

Marketing the Church (via Generoous Orthodoxy Think Tank)
At the latest church family camp I spoke in, I was sharing how through the past 5 years I’m increasingly (if not coming to a place definately) uncomfortable with using business & marketing lingo and mindsets in reference to church, life and ministry.

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