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Packing and unpacking this will occupy our minds for a while …

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Moving is always a hassle and gives us substantial headaches… but it has been very much part of my own life especially for my childhood – Malaysia –> Forlong – UK –> London – Brighton – Leicester – Malaysia –> Taman Forlong – UK–> Leicester – Malaysia –> Taman Forlong (P.Ramlee) – Kampung Pasir – Taman Maluri – Shah Alam – Ampang – Wangsa Maju – PJ –> ? 🙂

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Gareth wasn’t born yet when we moved here this home in PJ 5 years ago … He’s going to be Three in October. I recall my first “move” was slightly after three on a plane to the UK to reunite with my Dad. Life has never been the same or “still” ever since.

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