Moving … (delayed post)

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This was supposed to be posted on the day we moved from our place in Petaling Jaya to our new place in K.L. which was the 29 September 2005. I’m still hoping to get our phone line fixed ASAP for blogging at home.

“Moving” is such a hassle and discovery. It’s hard because of all the packing, the moving and also the unpacking. It’s a discovery in a sense that we’re often surprised with how much we’ve accumulated through the years. Especially dust and dirt as well as papers, items etc.

One the key decisions is what to throw and what to keep. What we could leave behind and what to take with us … and being nice tenants we tried to leave the house pretty clean for furture usage by the headquarters (which at this time the house will be used as a guest house)

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We are very fortunate to have some “movers” to help us. I recall the last time we moved it was just us and a couple of church members. This time, there were more “stronger” people .. and we packed the stuff well in advance so it was easier in my view.

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it’s a lot of stuff … even after leaving some behind and throwing some away. I felt deciding on what are the “precious” non-negotiable items like May Chin’s piano .. brought together with the items memories and stories.

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Of course, the bookshelfs and books for me came along … I was quite intrigued by how much we could sqeeze in the lorry … of course we made at least 2 trips full load.

and now we’re still unpacking … which is very much part of moving as well … the settling down and rearranging stuff for our new home is quite an art. A week ago I thought I had some profound analogical thoughts from my experience of moving to “moving on in life”. I guess it’s nothing that profound.

We just need to leave some stuff behind, figure out what to even throw away. Decide what to bring with us. Gear up for a “move” or a number of “moves” (usually to and fro a few rounds). Unload and begin to unpack … get new stuff, adjust, rearrange, … I think all this applies to “moves” in thinking, working through “feelings”, our spiritual walk, ministry transitions, etc. something like that 🙂

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